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Success is a Choice

Feb 5, 2018

Brad Lea is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of LightSpeed VT. As the Founder of LightSpeed VT, Brad has revolutionized the online training world. He has set the gold standard for how training is delivered, tracked and reported on ensuring maximum performance, accountability, retention and results. Brad Lea is a leading authority on web-based training. Experienced and proven in sales and marketing, he is a seasoned professional with a strong base of sales management coming from 25 years in the Automotive Industry. Brad’s thought leadership has been instrumental in helping guide some of today’s most effective and productive sales professionals worldwide. Brad is also the author of the Real Deal Lease Presentation. He also is the host of the "Dropping Bombs" podcast. He is also one of the featured keynote speakers at Grant Cardone's 10x Growth Conference.


In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • How he went from high school dropout to business dominator
  • The 5 Factors of Success
  • Why some people are successful and others aren't
  • Insider tips for enjoying Las Vegas



Twitter: @TheRealBradLea

Instagram:  @TheRealBradLea





10x Growth Conference:

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Bradisms ...

  • "I was mad because of I didn't like my shoes until I met a man with no feet."
  • "I'd rather be alone than surrounded by the wrong people."
  • "Success takes a backbone, not a wishbone."
  • "Most of the problems I've encountered came with an opportunity attached to them."
  • "Training isn't something you did, it's something you do."


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