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Success is a Choice

Dec 24, 2018

Dr. Jerome Lubbe is the CEO and Founder of his private practice, Thrive Neuro Health, located in Decatur, GA where he partners with entrepreneurs, makers, leaders and communities to achieve their individual goals through optimized brain and body function. He formerly served as the Executive Director for Cerebrum Health Centers, as well as the Clinic Director of their Atlanta facility. Dr. Lubbe has a passion for equipping, empowering, and encouraging colleagues, entrepreneurs and students to serve their patients, local communities, and their staff through continued training in the practical applications of functional neurology. Dr. Lubbe has a unique story and likes to say that he’s “an identical twin who immigrated to the mountains of Northeast Tennessee as a 7-year-old white refugee from Zaire with my parents, older brother, Bi-Polar grandmother, a $100 and two suitcases, I lost my father at 14, and I had my first debilitating migraine when I was 17. Since then I’ve averaged a separate migraine every 3-4 days with chronic, daily pain and fatigue between.”


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