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Success is a Choice

Jun 25, 2021

On this week's episode of The Leadership Playbook Live Show, John Brubaker (a high-level business coach and the author of "Stadium Status") fills in for Tristen Foote as Jamy Bechler's co-host.

Coach Bru and Jamy discuss ...

  • How we can be successful during rough times (like a pandemic)
  • Getting fired on his birthday
  • Writing a book with no words
  • The meaning of "Stadium Status" and why we should be striving to be stadium status in our lives
  • Mental health and why he started the company Chin Up Chest Out.

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Jamy Bechler is the author of three published books including The Bus Trip and The Leadership Playbook, host of the Success is a Choice Podcast, professional speaker, and trains organizations on creating championship cultures. He is also a John Maxwell certified leadership coach. Bechler spent 20 years as a college basketball coach and administrator. He has worked with businesses and teams, including the NBA. Follow him on Twitter at @CoachBechler. To connect with him via email or find out about his services, please contact You can also subscribe to his insights on success and leadership by clicking here.