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Success is a Choice

May 27, 2023

Today's episode is a replay of one of our more popular episodes. We wanted to re-release it since we interviewed Oxford HS Football Coach and former NFL Fullback Zach Line this week. It's well worth the six minutes of your time. As a side note, if you haven't listened to that interview with Zach we highly recommend it (released on May 25, 2023). 

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In today's LEADERSHIP NOW episode, leadership expert and author Jamy Bechler shares his thoughts on the tragic shooting at Oxford HS in Michigan, in which four students were killed. You'll hear a slightly different point of view than maybe you've heard on the news or read online as Jamy provides an encouraging word for everyone, especially those making an impact on today's youth.

The LEADERSHIP NOW episodes examine a current topic in the world where sports and leadership intersect.

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Each week, the SUCCESS IS A CHOICE podcasting network brings you leadership expert Jamy Bechler and guest experts who provide valuable insights, tips, and guidance on how to maximize your potential, build a stronger culture, develop good leadership, create a healthy vision, optimize results, and inspire those around you.

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Thanks again for listening and remember that “Success is a choice. What choice will you make today?”

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Jamy Bechler is the author of five books including "The Captain" and "The Bus Trip", host of the "Success is a Choice Podcast", professional speaker, and trains organizations on creating championship cultures. He previously spent 20 years as a college basketball coach and administrator. is Bechler's online program that helps athletes become better teammates and more positive leaders while strengthening a team's culture. As a certified John Maxwell leadership coach, Bechler has worked with businesses and teams, including the NBA. Follow him on Twitter at @CoachBechler. To connect with him via email or find out about his services, please contact You can also subscribe to his insights on success and leadership by visiting