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Success is a Choice

Sep 21, 2018

Nicole Arbour is a comedian, entertainer, social media expert, actress, singer, dancer, choreographer, motivator, and business consultant. Her videos have been viewed more than 700 million times worldwide. She has a great story that can be inspirational to those that want to be a victor rather than a victim. After being an NBA cheerleader, choreographer, starring on the top comedy show on Much Music in Canada (Canada's MTV), helping mass brands create record breaking digital content, and working her way up to feature films and televised stand up specials, Nicole was involved in a car accident in 2008 that left her on disability and a life of medial treatments. Refusing to accept the lifelong disability diagnosis, Nicole utilized unconventional treatments, created the #GOTEAM movement, and very literally cheered herself and thousands of fans back to life and off of pain killers.

Her hard-hitting, real, and innovative debate starting style of comedy has led her to being one of the Top-7 Youtube Channels Crushing It That You Can Learn From by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as being featured by major news outlets around the world in the last two years alone.  Nicole has been seen hosting Style New York Fashion Week at Madison Square Garden, joining the BBC Comedy Writing staff, hosting sold out events in Las Vegas and nightclubs around the world, consulting and creating content for brands that has led to tens of millions of views for her partners as well as beginning her music, beauty and book projects.

Nicole has been humbled to receive a series of accolades in including an Honorary Hollywood  Walk of Fame star for special achievement in social media.  The Hero of Hope Award from the International Pain Foundation and was the online fan vote winner and finalist for a Shorty Award Best Comedian.