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Success is a Choice

Mar 18, 2019

Don Yaeger is a keynote speaker, corporate business leadership coach, 11-time New York Times Best-selling author and long-time associate editor for Sports Illustrated. As a speaker, he has worked with audiences as diverse as Fortune 500 companies, associations and leadership forums on the subject “What Makes the Great Ones Great.”

He has written 25+ books with, among others, Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton, UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden, baseball legend John Smoltz, and football star Warrick Dunn.

Throughout his writing career, Don has developed a reputation as a world-class storyteller and has been invited as a guest to almost every major talk show - from The Oprah Winfrey Show to Nightline, from CNN to Good Morning America.

In today’s episode, we discuss:
  • Living with Walter Payton in the months leading up to his death
  • Being mentored by John Wooden
  • The one book that he'd still like to write
  • What makes the best the best
  • ... and so much more!!!



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Thanks again for listening and remember that “Success is a choice. What choice will you make today?”