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Success is a Choice

Nov 27, 2021

Andy "Grand" Mariner is interviewed by Jamy Bechler and Tristen Foote during the official book launch party for "The Captain".

Commander Mariner was formerly a commanding officer at TOPGUN and is now Deputy Commander of the historic Carrier Air Wing 11. He is stationed at Naval Air Station LeMoore. Mariner helped Bechler with many of the aspects in "The Captain", which is his 4th book.

"The Captain" is the story about a star quarterback turned hotshot fighter pilot. Despite always having talent, status, and power, the pilot finally comes to understand what REAL leadership looks like after a training accident.

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Jamy Bechler is the author of four books including The Bus Trip and The Leadership Playbook, host of the Success is a Choice Podcast, professional speaker, and trains organizations on creating championship cultures. He is also a certified John Maxwell leadership coach. Bechler spent 20 years as a college basketball coach and administrator. He has worked with businesses and teams, including the NBA. Follow him on Twitter at @CoachBechler. To connect with him via email or find out about his services, please contact You can also subscribe to his insights on success and leadership by clicking here.