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Success is a Choice

Feb 25, 2023

"The Talent & Strategy Show" co-hosts Ruston Pierce and Jamy Bechler talk with Rob Quam (Executive Director of the Lake Wales Care Center in Florida). They discuss ...

  • Important leadership principles
  • Providing 100s of bikes to those in need
  • How they are supporting the community
  • The history of the Lake Wales Care Center
  • Forming and working with boards of directors

Each week, the SUCCESS IS A CHOICE podcasting network brings you leadership expert Jamy Bechler and guest experts who provide valuable insights, tips, and guidance on how to maximize your potential, build a stronger culture, develop good leadership, create a healthy vision, optimize results, and inspire those around you.

This week's guests include ...

  • JAMY BECHLER - "Success is a Choice" podcast, Author of five books, professional speaker, and leadership consultant. Former college basketball coach and high school athletic director. Follow him on Twitter @CoachBechler or email him at
  • ROB QUAM - Executive Director of the Lake Wales Care Center | Email him at or visit him at
  • RUSTON PIERCE - Co-Host of the Show | President of Consulting for Affinity Recruiting & Consulting | Former school administrator, development director, and coach | Follow him on Twitter @RustonPierce or email him at

"The Talent & Strategy Show" is made possible by Affinity Recruiting & Consulting. Learn more about their top-notch services to help your organization, business, or team by visiting them at Find out how they might be able to help advance your mission or even increase your bottom line.

Today's episode partners include ...