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Success is a Choice

Sep 26, 2019

Mark Fauser is the author of "Because of Burt" and "Cool's Angel". He has been a television and movie actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. He had parts in such shows as Jag, Evening Shade, Coach, SeaQuest, and Quantum Leap. He moved from Hollywood to Marion, Indiana in the early 2000’s and proceeded to help build up the Community School of the Arts as the Executive Director. He has continued to add value to the Marion community as the Director of Marketing for the City and currently serves as a Creative Development Consultant for Marion Community Schools. He has a love and passion for helping the community and has a desire to give back. His relationships with such stars as Jim Caviezel, Kelly Ripa, Billy Bob Thornton, and his mentor Burt Reynolds were key as he was able to get them to help the Community School of the Arts in various ways.  In 2006 he won the Marion Grant County Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Award. In 2007 he won the Indiana University Public Service Award and the Grant County Community Achievement Award. He was presented with the 2011 Indiana Governor’s Arts Award for his work as a writer, actor and his leadership for the Community School of the Arts. He lives with his wife and three children in Marion, Indiana and works out of a home office that is decorated from wall-to-wall with action figures.

In today’s episode, we discuss:
  • His mentor and friend Burt Reynolds
  • The process of writing his first book
  • James Dean and the musical Cool's Angel 
  • ... and so much more!!!



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Because of Burt book by Mark Fauser

Cool's Angel book by Mark Fauser

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Thanks again for listening and remember that “Success is a choice. What choice will you make today?”